Thursday, 7 May 2015

The Secret is Out of the Barn

Jane of Minifanaticus guessed correctly! The barn will be full of walkers. 

I've been a huge fan of The Walking Dead since the very first episode and when I saw this little kit for sale I knew that I had to have it and fill it with the living dead!

It's taken me a while to gather all the bits and pieces I wanted to use (about 2 years!) but I think it has been worth the wait, I love how it is turning out. :)

Playing with the lay out.

 Not quite finished (just wanted to see if my camera could handle something so small)

 The first 2 dozen Walkers done! I think I may need more though.

I made a windmill using 3 toothpicks, some scraps from the barn kit, a circle of card stock and an earring post.

 Glued it all together and painted it silver. If you blow on it gently it actually turns :)

The well is made from a strip of quilling paper wrapped around a small bottle cap and secured with pva glue. I then stuck it to some plastic "pond water" that I bought on ebay and placed it over a painted black circle to try and give the illusion of depth.

 Yes there will be a walker in the well too.

 Who's that leaning on the RV?

 It's Daryl Dixon of course.

I have painted the rest of the cast but haven't taken pictures yet. I'll try and post again tomorrow with those.

Thanks for looking. :)