Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Being Grounded

Now that the barn is built I'll be needing a block of land to put it on....

I cut a circle of 5mm foam core and covered it with wood powder air dry clay.

 And wrapped it around the edges to hold it in place. I was a little worried that it would warp as it dried but luckily it stayed pretty flat.

 A quick check to be sure the barn sits flush to the ground.....

 Close enough for my liking :)

 Then on to painting the grass. first a coat of heritage green.

 Then a dry brush of several different shades...

Followed by a thin coat of pva and 5 different shades of green flocking powder to give the grass some more dimension.

Now I'm off to paint the first of many 12mm figures. 
This could take a while.....

Thanks for visiting :)

Oh, before I go... There is a hint in this post as to where I'm going with this build.
Did you spot it?