Thursday, 14 May 2015

The Barn is Full of Walkers!

Under the Dome...?  No wait, that's another show entirely.

The barn is finished, at least for now. There are a few extra details I want to add but they will have to wait a little while. 

Dusting this would be a nightmare so a cheese dome seemed like a good way to display the scene.

This is not meant to be a particular scene or episode but rather my interpretation of season 2. 

Just another day on the farm? Beth, Carl and Jimmy hanging out under a tree.

Dale keeping watch from the top of the RV.

Daryl giving Carol a cherokee rose.

Maggie collecting eggs (hide your hat Glenn)
Lori and Hershel in the background.

Patricia in the loft with a bag of chickens.  Wait...what? Why?

Everything seems fine but....

 The barn is full of walkers!

 Oh no! It's Sophia! 
(Sorry to bring it back up Pepper)

 Shane and Rick spot the problem.

Aghh! There's even one in the well! Andrea watches as T-Dog lowers Glenn down.
I can't believe I forgot to add the rope! Oh well (sorry for the bad pun)

 Looks like Nervous Nelly found her way home. 

 Oh and did I mention, it's really small?

I hope you have enjoyed my version of Hershel's farm.

Thanks for visiting.

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Meanwhile Back on the Farm....

I tried making a chair to sit on top of the RV. Who would have thought it would be the most difficult part of the whole thing? I mean really a chair doesn't seem that hard and yet...

 This was my second attempt (I'm far too embarrassed to show you the first) and it's WAY too big!

Poor old Dale can't even reach the floor in it. I'm not at all happy with the umbrella either, I'll be making a new one tomorrow.

 I remembered that I had some benches in my stash that were the right height and wondered if I could some how cut one down to be a single seat? As it happens they cut easily.

I covered the seat part with a narrow ribbon, trying to make it look as much like a folding deck chair as possible....

And painted the arms and legs with silver enamel paint. It looks a bit grand for a folding chair but at this point in time I'm thinking "close enough?". 

 I made a rough wooden cover for the well and put my walker in. I know it's not deep enough to look like a proper well but I think in this case I can live with it. Just need to decide, lid on or....

Lid off? I think I'm going to go with off.

 I glued the barn to the base, put up some fences and added a bit of greenery....

Might have to trim that climber back a bit?

Carl and Jimmy having a chat on a log. Actually it's a painted toothpick, which is a lot easier than making more chairs.

Thanks for coming over. :)

Thursday, 7 May 2015

The Secret is Out of the Barn

Jane of Minifanaticus guessed correctly! The barn will be full of walkers. 

I've been a huge fan of The Walking Dead since the very first episode and when I saw this little kit for sale I knew that I had to have it and fill it with the living dead!

It's taken me a while to gather all the bits and pieces I wanted to use (about 2 years!) but I think it has been worth the wait, I love how it is turning out. :)

Playing with the lay out.

 Not quite finished (just wanted to see if my camera could handle something so small)

 The first 2 dozen Walkers done! I think I may need more though.

I made a windmill using 3 toothpicks, some scraps from the barn kit, a circle of card stock and an earring post.

 Glued it all together and painted it silver. If you blow on it gently it actually turns :)

The well is made from a strip of quilling paper wrapped around a small bottle cap and secured with pva glue. I then stuck it to some plastic "pond water" that I bought on ebay and placed it over a painted black circle to try and give the illusion of depth.

 Yes there will be a walker in the well too.

 Who's that leaning on the RV?

 It's Daryl Dixon of course.

I have painted the rest of the cast but haven't taken pictures yet. I'll try and post again tomorrow with those.

Thanks for looking. :)

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Being Grounded

Now that the barn is built I'll be needing a block of land to put it on....

I cut a circle of 5mm foam core and covered it with wood powder air dry clay.

 And wrapped it around the edges to hold it in place. I was a little worried that it would warp as it dried but luckily it stayed pretty flat.

 A quick check to be sure the barn sits flush to the ground.....

 Close enough for my liking :)

 Then on to painting the grass. first a coat of heritage green.

 Then a dry brush of several different shades...

Followed by a thin coat of pva and 5 different shades of green flocking powder to give the grass some more dimension.

Now I'm off to paint the first of many 12mm figures. 
This could take a while.....

Thanks for visiting :)

Oh, before I go... There is a hint in this post as to where I'm going with this build.
Did you spot it?

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

A Barn Raising.

Started a new project, one that has been on my mind and in my stash for ages. 
The moment I saw this little kit I knew what I would do with it. 
When I say little I mean little, it's 1:144 

This is the example the manufacturers gave. 

 I bought the kit on ebay from an estate sale. Most of the pieces were loose but nothing was missing.

 First coat of paint.

 I drew wood grain on most of the structure with a fine tip marker before I wondered if it would show on camera? As you can see I wasted a few hours because it doesn't.

 So I went over it again with a dry brush in a few shades of grey and brown. Finished in a fraction of the time and I'm much happier with the result.

 Starting to put the pieces together. So tiny, squee!

 The original design has sliding doors but I wanted mine to open the traditional way so I debated whether or not to put the runners on above the doors? I did end up adding them later because the side looked rather plain without them.

 I love the aged effect I got with the paint, so glad I decided to paint over the wood grain.

 I also closed in the window after I'd taken the photos.

Structure completed with the doors bursting open. Can you guess where I'm going with this?

I'm off to get the base ready now.
Thanks for stopping by. :)