Friday, 28 February 2014

The end of week one....Feels like only yesterday.

Day 7.

I'm a week in and feel like things are moving slowly. Have I bitten off more than I can chew? The deadline seems closer now than it seemed when I started. Never mind, I'm in now so I'll just get on with it. Ready for more of my fabulous photography?

Today I glued the rest of the stones to the chimney, foundation and the front step.

I didn't feel confident enough to tear the stones into shape so I cut them with scissors.

They, surprisingly enough, looked like I'd cut them out with scissors. So I rubbed around the edges with various sizes of ball tools to give them a more rounded and natural look.

I'm quite happy with the effect so far. The colours didn't change or blend when I added the mod podge (I was a little worried about that). Now I have to wait for the mod podge to dry and then the bit I've been looking forward to.... the grout. 

Thanks for looking in. 

Thursday, 27 February 2014

In the beginning...

About 2 years ago my daughter showed me a picture of a kitchen. Yeah, so? The next picture was of the same kitchen with a coin to show scale! I'd never seen anything like it. I had only ever thought of doll houses as a child's toy. I sat in front of the computer screen for ages soaking in all the details of this busy little room totally amazed.  I think I spent the rest of the day googling images muttering "look at that!" to myself. A couple of days later (still in front of the computer) my daughter suggested checking out some blogs. "what's a blog?" No kidding there, I really didn't know.  I've been reading several blogs daily ever since.

I had no idea at the time that I had already become an addict.

Then I saw IT, the Beacon Hill! Wow. That's it, that"s the one I want. It's so beautiful, I have to have That one.  Hmmm.... looks like it might be a bit complicated? Back to Google. I read stories about half finished Beacons littering the streets. I watched a series of you tube videos on building one that ended abruptly on day 4! Maybe I should start with something simpler.

At about this time it seemed as though life was about to change for us, there was the possibility of moving to a different city. No point in starting something that I couldn't finish or in buying things that I would only have to pack. Well I could get that one cute little thing right? I mean how much room will be taken up by one little chair, table, sink, stove oooh and that's cute...

So for the last 2 years I packed, unpacked, repacked and finally unpacked my 1:1 house. It was decided in December that we are staying, I've now finished moving back into the house we've lived in for he last 22 years. All the while I was gathering a stash and reading other peoples blogs, getting to know the lovely people who share so much. Learning from their experience.  I feel like I"ve been I've been peeping into other peoples windows (just the mini ones, promise) for long enough and it's time I got started on some work of my own. Time to say Hi, I'm Annejuli. I have no idea what I can or can't do yet but I would love it if you would join me on my road to Beacon Hill..

Step one - The Sugar Plum Cottage.

This picture is of an empty box. Let me explain...  Before opening the box I went out and bought a camera so that I could chronicle every step of my first build. I took about 50 exciting amateur  photos of kit pieces, the same pieces primed, the dry fit, starting to glue the shell together ( including close-ups of the bay window held together held together with approximately 367 bits of blue painters tape) every little thing I had done in the first 2 days. Then I accidentally made a short video of my knees. I'll just delete that....Oh no. I managed to wipe the sd card completely.

I have to admit that really upset me, walk away, breathe. I did the same thing I always do when I need cheering up, turn to blogger. I was browsing through when I noticed something about the undersized urbanite competition and decided to have a look. My spirits were lifted immediately when I saw that there was a category for newbies! I know it's late but I'm going to throw my hat into the ring. I love a challenge and work well with a deadline in other areas of my life, so here goes!

This is how far I got in the first 2 days. Bet you wish you could see all those lost photos, hey? I then spent the next 2 days cutting up egg cartons in little bricks (as per Brae's tutorial at otterine's miniatures) So the start of day 4 looks exactly like the end of day 2.

  The end of day 4 I started laying the bricks.

And finished on day 5

I also got the first coat of paint on. I glued the chimney in place and tossed and turned worrying that I had glued the whole thing to the table, I forgot to lay wax paper down first. It turned out ok. I also painted more egg cartons for the stones that will cover the chimney, the foundation and the front step.

Today is day 6. I started the stone work. I'll post pics tomorrow. It's too dark to take photos up to my brilliant standards this time of night. Now to see if I can post all of this without wiping it. Fingers crossed.