Wednesday, 15 April 2015

I've Been Published!

My first doll house is in a real magazine!

Ok, to many of you this is not new and obviously I've known about it for quite some time too but today I get to hold it in my hands for the first time.
Almost a year ago my entry into the Undersized Urbanite Competition won first prize in the newbie category and part of my prize was being published in Miniaturas magazine. Something went wrong somewhere and my original copy never made it here.
A quick email to Christina (host of the competition and author of the blog Little Victorian) and she started searching high and low for a copy for me.  Thanks to her tireless efforts I now have a magazine that will be shoved under the nose of everybody that visits me until I start hearing "I know, you already showed me"

Thank you Christina for all the work you put into hosting the competition and for tracking this down for me. I really do appreciate the effort you put into making sure I got my copy. Thank you